Law and Justice for All.

There have been several articles in news lately that have been addressed this issue.

The latest story is compelling at the least. We need to stop the favor ism of money talk and how the current legal system is. There is no justice at all.  Not if you are wealthy and guilty, it you are innocent and guilty you pay for it with lost years.   Start the change. Demand that we return to real justice and not favor ism.

South Carolina man gunned down by a police officer.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Family members of a black motorist fatally shot in the back by a white police officer said they are thankful for a video that led to a murder charge against the officer.

Anthony Scott is the brother of the man shot Saturday, Walter Lamer Scott. He told a news conference Tuesday night that because of the video, “we have received the truth” and “through the process, justice has been served.”

Here’s the story and video link

Innocent Inmate could be executed in Alabama

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Lawyers for a man who was scheduled to be executed last month told judges Tuesday that prosecutors for 20 years withheld grand jury testimony and police notes that could prove his innocence.

The case of Bill Kuenzel, who was convicted of killing a store clerk in 1987, was argued before the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, four days after the state freed a different death row inmate when new evidence surfaced.

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 Alabama Inmate wrongfully convicted on Death Row.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Anthony Ray Hinton, 58, spent half his life on Alabama’s death row, sentenced to die for two 1985 murders that for decades he insisted he did not commit.

Here’s Mr. Hinton ordeal.

President Obama commutes sentences of 22 people in federal prison

President Obama gave clemency to 22 individuals for release of their sentences.

Here is the link.–politics.html

Safety in Prisons

Its now becoming more of a need to address this issue for all involved in Prisons in USA

Here’ s is a link to the latest reason why we need to address it

How prisons are run

This story will alarm you of what people have to deal with in prison.

This needs to stop some how and soon.

Here’s the link.


Being a patient in Georgia’s Prisons

 Here is a link to the page and click on the topic about Being a patient in Georgia’s Prisons to hear the audio on Georgia Public Broadcast. org website of AJC Reporter  Danny Robbins talking with Host Celeste Headlee on Second thought. about the topic.

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Here’s another article with more details from Danny Robbins