Georgia Law Enforcement Agencies

According to Georgia Habeas Corpus Act under Georgia code 9-14-1 (c), 9-14-40 to 9-14-53 grounds-Review of convictions and sentences-Violation of the Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel at Sentencing. See Hall  v .Mcpherson, 284 GA. 219, 663 S.E.zd 659 (2008)

Article 3 O.C.G.A S 5-5-40 Time for Motion for New Trial; Amendment; Procedure where Transcript of Evidence Required; Hearing on Motion; Grant of New Trial on Motion of Court

5-5-41, Motion made after Time Expires

5-5-42, Form of Motion for New Trial

5-5-43. Grant by Judge who did not try case

5-5-44, Rule NISI, Service Entry of Motion on Minutes

5-5-45, Amendment of Rule  NISi

5-5-46, Rule NISI New Trial as Supersedas  in Criminal Cases

5-5-47, Supersedas in Criminal Cases when Motion for New Trial filed; Judge to assess amount of Bond.

5-5-48. Time of New Trial

5-5-49 Cases decided by Supreme Court or Court of Appeals returned, when ; cases to be re docketed; discretion of Judge as to Retrial

5-5-50 First Grant of a New Trial; Disturbance

5-5-51 When New Trial based on Exercise of Judge’s Discretion order to set forth reasons for Exercise of Discretion.