Georgia Dept of Correction-Private Prisons

Inside Georgia Prisons

Chronic Mismanagement and Longstanding Safety Concerns are Shocking and Alarming

While the Contours of the State of Georgia…

Georgia Legislatures and GA Board of Correction Members et al., Simply looks the other way.

By Johnathan Robinson-Georgia Injustice

As a wrongfully convicted offender of the Georgia Dept Of Correction Dooly State Prison 1412 Plunkett Rd. Unadilla, GA. Amidst Growing Criticism of widespread safety concerns within Georgia Prisons.

It is evidence that the Georgia Dept of Correction Referred to as {GDC} is in a crisis. In fact, since July 2010 after entering into it’s physical custody in Georgia Diagnostic\Classification Prison in Jackson, GA. I’ ve continued to witness and experience the kinds of systemic Problems that represent a Pervasive Culture of Systemic failures at every level of {GDC} Day to Day operation.

Since that time, Human Rights and Civil Rights abuse at the hands of Georgia Correctional Officials have once again involving the use of Force, Collusion, Violation of Oath of Office and Compliance of Departmental Policy and Procedures, Exhibited Apathy and Deprivation of Offenders Constitutional Rights while operating under the color of State Law.

In Addition to questionable offenders Mortality Cases which continues to rise at Disproportionate levels. Today, [GDC] has made significant changes in regards to its leadership. Current commissioner Homer Bryson, is now at the Helm. While new leadership is now in place. Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look into areas which has been over looked for years.

GDC Statewide Offenders Grieveance System is funamentally flawed in every material respect. It suffers from inept investigations at Facilities local levels and state level. Which includes, office of investigations/ombudsman Office/ inmate affairs unit and the internal Investigation unit. What’s even more disturbing, Internal complaints filed by offenders requesting for Internal Investigations are oftenly kindred willfully. In many instances, these are vital legitimate filed Grievances that Warrants Internal Reviews/ Inquiries.

Such as Being denied access to the courts, Retaliation, denied equal treatment, adequate Nutrition, Poorly Trained personnels who oftenly show’s a total disregard of GDC Internal Policies and Procedures, Denial of Emergency Medical Attention, Slow Medical Emergency Response, In humane Housing conditions, Environmental Health and Safety concerns, Housing Discrimination, Being assigned to “Toxic” and Dangerous living Environments for Retaliation Purposes. Especially toward offenders who files legitimate grievances in challenging their conditions of confinements,  destruction of offenders Personal Property, Excessive Use of Force, Assaults-Injuries, Officials un professionalism, Constitutional Law Violations and Segregation placement without being provided due process of law. Which occurs quite oftently.

I’ve quoted many times the words of Justice ThurGood Marshall from his concurring opinion in Procunier v. Martinex, 416 u.s.396 [1974].: When the prison gates slam behind an inmate, he does not lose his human quality: His mind does not become closed to ideas: His intellect does not cease to feed on a free and open interchange of opinions: His yearing for self-Respect does not end: nor is his quest for self-realization concluded.”

The court created a standard for Prisoner Constitutional claims that Prison officals do not violate prisoners consitutional rights if their actions are “reasonably related to legitimate penelogical concerns.” Which brings me to this point, through out GDC-facilities. Chronic mismanagement and longstanding Safety deficiencies are appalling and a complete outrage.

Today, I will begin a letter campaign in calling on The United States Dept of Justice Civil Rights Division and it’s special litigation section [DOJ] to begin probing GDC Pervasive Culture of Human Rights and Civil Rights abuse. Which also includes, the national institute of corrections [NIC] in Further conducting a comprehensive review of all GDC facilities operations with respects to all noted concerns. And to provide all finding in its official reporting agencies work products to the members of the Georgia Board of Corrections and Georgia Legislatures in holding all GDC officials accountable for egregious acts when warranted and to provide it’s recommendation for corrective action deemed appropriately.

Justice Anthony Kennedy said it even more, Succinctly in Brown v. Plata, “Prisoners retain the essence of Human Dignity inherent in all Persons”

The Following named GDC Facilities should be included in this {DOJ] and {NIC} Through investigation listed as follows:

Commissioner Homer Bryson, Administrative offices Internal Investigation unit/office of investigations Inmate Affairs.

Field operation managers [FOM} Central-North-South Districts.

Facilities operation Directors offices.

Special operations managers offices.

Offender Administration managers/classification managers

Policy and OPS managers/ policy analyst

All 35 GDC facilities of offenders\ private prisons facilities CCA\GEO

Offenders are oftenly force to endure what ever occurs on any given day. Despite the eighth amendment which requires prison officals to protect prisoners from violence at the hands of other prisoners. Farmer v Brennan, 511 u.s. 825, 833 [1994].

“Being violently assaulted in prison is simply not part of the penalty that criminal offender pay for their offenses against society.” I.D. at 834, in addition to the lack of supervision or direct supervision and the lack of immediate internal intervention. Until something tragically happens. To that end, ” Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them: and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body. Hebrew 13.3