Prosecutorial and Judicial Misconduct

Our Judicial  system needs a big overhaul.  Its not about true justice anymore, its about winning campaigns and merely arrested people for no good cause just because your job depends on it.  They hide facts, they have serious misconduct. They seem to allow the whole truth to be not told.  They are more concerned with winning and being able to gloat about it.  The sad thing most Americans still think cops are good and they have a great judicial system. Not true anymore. There  are some good cops still.  Its the greed and wanting to be able to boost it to other people like i put a man,Ray Hinton away and didn’t care to think about what his life would be like for all these decades, who was innocent all this time but was sentenced to death row. He went there when Reagan was in office, and last month, he was released.

So it begs the question who is the real criminal in this sense.  Corrupted law officials is the answer and our judicial system.  Crime is a business now, and what is terribly disturbing is that they use the law for personal gain, and is allowed to get off from a huge penalty.