Jonathan Robinson

As a civil rights person and a wrongfully convicted offender of the Georgia Department Corrections.

To understand the magnitude of the kind of injustices within Georgia’s Criminal Justice System.  Look no further than the Atlanta Circuit Court of Georgia.

Fulton County Superior Court: State v. Jonathan Robinson. Case Number #09SC81514, Previous Fulton County. Case numbers are as follows: 04SC21077, 05SC31835, 05SC31837

Honorable Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams, Former Fulton County  Asst. District Attorney Lee Young Williams,  Former Defense Attorney Christopher Toles,  Appellant Attorney Benjamin Goldberg

The Law Office of Ben Goldberg, LLC  Po Box 427 Mableton, GA 30126

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According to records obtained by GIP which stands for Georgia Injustice Project.

January 2002, GBI officials alerted Atlanta Police Dept and the Fulton County District Attorney Office of two-separate DNA codis hits detected within its National, State Database.

Identifying Jonathan Robinson, as the Subject in Question. GIP records goes on to confirm that Atlanta Police Investigators in 2002, went to locate the alleged victims in a field visit to each residents. Based on APD records obtained. Each alleged victims fail to cooperate with APD investigators. Investigators noted this information in a APD January 2002 Formal Report  Victim Decline To Cooperate.

Robinson, a Civil Rights Person. At the time, exposing a series of high profile police shooting and citizen’s mortality cases at the hands of Atlanta Police Officials and other municipalities.  Which includes, holding media press conferences in alerting the Public of a Flawed APD internal Affairs division in how it investigates its own. Which was featured in a WSB -TV news Special Investigation in a 10 years history OPS Investigation.

The scathing news report was viewed all over the Metro Atlanta area. Citizens begin in expressing outrage over Atlanta Police Practices.  Attorney, Georgia Legislatures expressed additional concerns in the calling for Former Police Chief Richard Pennington in Overhauling  the Atlanta Police Internal Affairs Investigation Unit. Former WSB TV Reporter Dale Caldwell, reported those findings after obtaining a Open Records Request Pursuant to O.C.G.A. S 50-18-70 Georgia Open Records Act. The report confirmed the kinds of Departmental Deficiencies that result in immediate changes with APD.

As Robinson continued to expose a Pervasive Culture of Rampant Civil Rights Abuse, Excessive use of Force, Collusion, Falsifying of Reports and Increasing Mortality Cases. Such as, the case of John Frank Brown in the year of 2000  allegedly killed by  Atlanta Police Officer Jefferey Crenshaw, with a flashlight. Whiled Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard declined to prosecute.

Unknowingly, Robinson was targeted and retaliated against by APD officials which resulted in Robinson being placed under Police Surveillance and later arrested for Minor Traffic Charges.  September 2004, Robinson was arrested and charged with several sex crimes and booked into the Atlanta Fulton County Jail.

November 2004, Former Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thelma Wyatt Moore, ordered Robinson release on a Signature Bond [SOB]. Upon Robinson release. Robinson contacted APD Officials inquiring about his Personal Property which were not inventoried during his Sept. 2004 arrest. Later Dec. 2004, Robinson submitted a Citizen Complaint to Former Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington, Regarding Departmental Policy Violations.

January 2005, Robinson physically went to Atlanta Police OPS Internal Affairs unit in filing an official citizen compliant regarding, Officer. J. Davis, APD Detective Jacqueline Diederich, APD File No # 05-I-0054-PE.  Re: Destroying of Robinson Property. Months later, Former  APD Chief Pennington agreed with Robinson including APD Major Welcome Harris, OPS Commander. According to the GIP Records. Major Welcome Harris noted response was received by Robinson on June 07, 2005. Acknowledging its findings and disciplinary action toward Investigator Diederich for violating APD Inventory Policy and Procedures.

GIP Records further confirms the very next day. June 8, 2005, Robinson is again re-arrested and charged with an alleged Jan 2002 incident, GBI Codis cases of two alleged sexual assaults that allege victims previously  Decline to Prosecute. 3 1/2 years later APD Investigator J.J. O’Brien, secured an arrest warrant for Robinson and Robinson is transported to the Fulton County Jail. Where Robinson remained for over five years in awaiting trial. Because of Robinson Indigence and his inability to retain private counsel. Robinson was appointed a Public Defender through Court Appointed.

Over the next five years. Robinson were appointed over 15 attorneys whom Robinson described as out of touch with Basic Fundamentals Legal Responsibilities toward clients. Instead, chronic mismanagement through out Fulton County Public Defenders Offices.  Georgia Public Defenders Offices and Georgia Public Defenders Standard Council were highly visible. Attorneys failed to provide adequate Legal Representation to clients, Inadequate Funding were also an issue, conflict Defenders were being addressed through a class action lawsuit.

Finally, in June 2010, Robinson went on trial for all three sexual assaults allegations. Tried as a joiner. Pretrial motions were also filed in requesting for Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams, in recusing herself due to being a Supervisor Attorney in the Fulton County District Attorney Office while the cases were being indicted by Fulton District Attorney Office. Motion were denied without even a hearing. Robinson were convicted on two of the three separate cases. Acquitted on one and sentenced to Two Consecutive Life Sentences with Three Consecutive Twenty years to follow.

August 6, 2014, Robinson cases is now docketed in the Georgia Court of Appeals in case number #A14A2206 for post conviction relief. Still today the injustices facing Robinson sadly still continues. Approximately ten years later following Robinson conviction in Fulton’s Superior Court. GIP review and inquiry raises serious concerns which warrants a U.S. Department of Justice thorough investigation into a pervasive culture of state actors engaging in a custom of practices while acting under the Color of State Law.

This review should also include the Atlanta Police Department, Fulton County District Attorneys Offices, Defense Attorneys, Assistant Prosecutors of Fulton County District Attorney Offices, Presiding judges et al.

Robinson further seeks the public assistance in demanding Georgia’s legislatures to call for a state GBI Probe into the mishandling of the Robinson case. Not limited to the investigations of the Honorable  Kimberly Esmond Adams,  Presiding Judge, Fulton County Superior Court. Fulton District Attorney Paul Howard and alleged victims proffered per jurist testimonies while the court simply looked the other way.

GIP further request citizens to get involved in demanding justice for Johnathan Robinson through a email campaign to Media Personals, Congressional Members, State Officials, Georgia Courts of Appeals and Robinson Appellate Attorney Benjamin Goldberg, respectfully. Send emails to the email below and or write to him at the following address.

Dooly State Prison

Jonathan Robinson #290424


Press Release

Georgia’s Wrongfully Convicted Offender Speaks out.

As a wrongfully covicted offender of the Georgia Dept of CCA-Coffee Correctional Facility, Nicholls, GA.  In June,2010, Fulton County Superior Court, I was tried and convicted for a series of sex crimes, that resulted in my wrongful conviction.

Fulton co. Superior court case #09sc81514

Honorable:Kimberly Edmons Adams,

Former Asst. District Attorney , Lee Young Williams,

Defense Attorney: Attorney Christopher Toles

On August 06. 2014 my appeal was docketed into the Georgia court of appeals, case #A1412206

Appellant Attorney:Benjarmin Goldberg,

The Law office of Ben Goldberg, LLC

PO Box 427-Mableton, GA 30126

404-985-9772-404 424-9406 [Fax]

Previous Fulton Co. case#05SC31837,05SC31835,04SC21077

Clearly, this case represent the kind of “Injustice” that the law doesn’t allow. In May 1999, March 2000.Allege allegations were reported to Atlanta Police of two separate sexual assualt cases. With the collection of “DNA”evidence. GBI officials linked the “codis HIts” to me: January 2002, Atlanta Police, acknowledge, The victim”s decline to prosecute. However, Year’s later, Sept. 05, 2004, Appellant is arrested and charged with a list of sex crimes. Following the court’s decision in granting the appellant a “signature bond” {SOB} Appellant were released from the fulton co. jail. During which time, appellant went to the Atlanta police dept. to file a citizen complaint against the arresting officer’s for failing to inventory appellant personal property. Following the APD Chief Richard Pennington decision. In confirming that the detective in the case, actually violated APD Policies and Procedures in destroying appellant cellphone and other belongings. On June 7-2005, the chief response  were received via u.s mail. The very next day proceeding the chief response, 6-8-05. I was again arrested and charged with two additional sexual assault cases. Following those allege allegations, appellant remained in the fulton co jail for over 5 years awaiting “trial”

The two cases were not new cases, in fact the cases in “retaliation reporting the officer’s to apd officials. June 21, 2010, appellant finally went to trial. All three cases tried as a “joinder” in the appearance of a “serial Rapist”. Despite many filed pretrial motions in requesting the honorable, Judge Kimberly Edmons Adams, in recusing herself from presiding the case, even though she was also assigned as a supervisor attorney in the Fulton co district attorney’s office while my case was being considered for indictment. For whatever reason, Judge Kimberly Edmons Adams denied my motion without even conducting the required hearing which the superior court rules requires.

June 25,2010 appellant were acquitted on one of the three sexual assaults case and sentence to two consecutive life sentences. Followed by three consecutive twenty years sentences.  Today it is very clear that the court and defense counsel et al,. failed to provide me the rights to a fair trial. Allege victim’s were allowed to lie under oath and changed their testimonies over and over from their initial allege allegations. which includes, giving false testimony to the jury during the trial.  The court and the asst. District attorney, lee young williams formerly allowed  per jurist testimony to go to the jury in violation of my most fundamental rights to due process.

The injustice in this case needs “Media attention” at which time, the public will all see that there’s a hidden culture that’s currently operating under the color of state law within the Atlanta circuit court. Investigative reporter’s will obviously see a “pervasive culture” through out georgia’s criminal justice system facing defendants constitutional rights to a fair trial. Instead circuit judges, circuit prosecutor’s Asst. Prosecutor’s circuit public defenders, asst, Public defenders,  georgia public defenders standard council and its conflict defenders, appellate division et al.  are “willfully” undermining defendant’s constitutional rights through out the state of Georgia.

As a civil rights person, I am deeply outrage at the growing level of injustices which continues to surround me. Which includes, post conviction relief. Sadly little attention is being provided in addressing Georgia’s wrongfully convicted offender, or adequate state appropriations in eradicating t his harsh reality.

to that end, i urge news directors to begin conducting probes into my entire case so that the citizen’s fo georgia all can see what i see. And then schedule an”exclusive interview” in reporting on yor finding through your investigator’s reporter’s through the public rights to know.

Respectfully submitted this 21st day of January 2015

Jonathan Robinson

Then address

Jonathan Robinson #290424

CCA Coffee Correctional Facility

1153 N Liberty St-Po box 650 Nicholls, GA 31554