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The Subject of Race in America 2015

 GIP Study Notes a Nationwide up tick in Racial Disparity in how Law Enforcement Agencies. Profiles African Americans through out this country which includes, questionable practices and mortality cases of citizens In-Custody Death Investigations at the hands of the Police. While acting under the Color of State Law.

By Jonathan Robinson/Georgia Injustice Project. org

Study conducted by GIP in a 2014 and 2015 Inquiry underscores a growing trend of a huge spike in police involved shootings, police brutality, police misconduct,  racial profiling and in- custody mortality cases of America citizens nationwide at the hands of the police.

The study composed of generated public records of police agencies across America. In addition to public reports of national stories covered by national media outlets in its investigative reporting. The reports of agencies uniform reporting statistical data compulations are alarming and a cause for great concerns. The findings represents a Pervasive Culture nationwide in the Law Enforcement Agencies Field Operation Divisions and criminal investigative Units.

For example, the case of the late: Walter Scott, 50 North Charleston, SC African American Resident shot and killed following a traffic stop in North Charleston.  The shooting caught on a cellphone camera February 2015. Former Officer Michael Slager, of the North Charleston, SC Police Department had misreported the factual basis of what actually occurred.

Traffic stops and Racial Profiling have become a National Debate . Including, Brutality and mortality cases. Through out states, community leaders, organizations, clergy members, civil rights leaders, citizens and states political leaders are calling National Attention toward “Flagrant” and “Egregious”acts of Police Misconduct Nationwide.

 For years, leaders have been seeking reform in addressing a grow epidemic of a National Problem through states legislative chambers all to no avail. Many of these stops, searchers and mortality cases were based on race rather than on legitimate suspicious. Fortunately, a private citizen were actually capturing the final moments of the life of Walter Scott.

A recent decision By State Attorney Marilyn Mosey, Baltimore, MD on Friday May 01, 2015 in announcing ” Six Officer’s Arrest in the Freddie Grey’s case” Undoubtedly confirms a culture that’s operating.

According to GIP Records, Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawligns-Blake knows what it feels like to loose a love one. In 2013, The mayor 20 year old cousin was shot and killed in Baltimore. The mass media have encouraged us to think of these incidents as quick thinking officers who are given a split second to act and that most of which are isolated incidents. The gripping stories of victims after victims are not isolated. In fact, these cases are alarming an appalling. Would this be acceptable if all of the victims featured in this post were white? Shot, Beaten and Murdered at the hands of African American Police Officers? If the answer is no (and its a question most of us can answer in a instant}.

These stories-They are heartbreaking, but don’t they all start sound the same? Yes and no. I would have answered, had the question not sent me into a defensive silence.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the other victims nationwide. Listed as Follows:

 1. Treyvon Martin, Sanford, FL

2. Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO

3.Eric Gardner, New York

4.Nicholas Thomas, Smyrna Ga

5.Anthony Hill, Decatur, GA

6.Eric Harris, Tulsa Ok

7.Tamir Rice, Cleveland, OH

It is remarkable how radically the lens shifts when we are capturing our own visual stories of Factual Encounters with the Police in Full accounts of our experiences with the kind of technology of Physical Evidence which paints a much different picture of police malfeasance being perpetrated against us as a society. By those who are held to such higher professional standards.

Yes, there is a tragic trajectory in all of this. Racism is still breathing within the Law enforcement Community. Still apart of the America’s fabric that’s deeply rooted through out this nation which continues to operate under the Color of law. While the contours of America continues to look the other way.

Today, the struggle within america has begin to shift to a new generation. Galvanized by members of our society who are oftenly not even old enough to vote in local or national elections.

Stagging, Mass Protest’s through social media nationwide theses young activist has started a national movement in challenging our political leaders, spiritual leaders, community leaders and it’s citizens abroad to address the injustice and the atrocity of African Americans Mortality cases nationwide at the hands of the police.

According to Gip, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Gram, Tango and clouds social networking sites has ignited and helped legitimized social outrage into a national conversations. Which includes, peaceful assembly nationwide clearly thing have changed significantly, civil rights organization have weaken in a era when many of the biggest barriers have been somewhat defeated and the perceived need for such groups and activism has diminished. Now is the time for a national debate and a national conversation toward the following:

1.Crime and punishment

2.Mass incarceration

3.Racial profiling\race relation

4.Sentencing reform nationwide

5.Community policing, police brutality. use of force. police misconduct

On a national stage in states townhall, meeting abroad America needs this open conversation in order to heal from it’s core values respectfully.

We must not permit ourselves to ignore the harsh realities of our society. Nor find excuses to turn our faces away until another police national scandal returns us to attention.

A Brother in the struggle,


Jonathan Robinson

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